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your expert team for process optimisation, and staff and personal training in Ilmenau and Thuringia.

In the heart of Germany, not far from Erfurt, and only a stone’s throw away from the ‘heavenly blue city’, Claudia Schubert-Otto has been leading a coaching centre in the sense of a family tradition, which makes her the leading light among her contemporaries. In the 1930s, her grandfather, who was the proprietor of an International middle-sized firm with 500 employees, was proven to have an almost unique understanding of the source of the company’s success: Its personnel. We impart this entrepreneurial acumen to today’s industry, through our team of highly qualified trainers.

With this in mind, we adapt our practices to suit your wishes and expectations. Principally, we lead our sessions at the place of action; in your company, in-house. We can also offer non-verbal communication seminars at our premises with its adjoining horse seminar centre. Through the reactivation of productive communication, we encourage the motivation of your staff and colleagues, reduce the internal rate of errors, increase the awareness of quality, and illustrate the consequences of day to day operating within the company structure. Aside from a higher qualified staff, and less rejects or complaints, company leaders profit from less absence through sick leave and a better quality of work. The support and proactive implementation through the management levels is a not to be underestimated factor for success. 

We look forward to new challenges and await your enquiry. 

Your team at Schubertpower.