Schubert Power


the basis of a profitable co-operation

Those who are sure of their aims communicate more clearly. Your confident appearance is our common goal. Our team trains you (or your staff) to therefore be more active and productive when communicating with your colleagues and/or customers. We impart the pillars of communication theory, carry them through with practical examples of your daily work, and fathom the reasons for dysfunctional communication. The reasons are varied, and involve an honest and active interaction between the trainer and the participants. If you wish or need, our animals from the horse seminar centre can be brought in to support the training. They assist you to recognise communication deficits and advances in a unique way, enabling development and clearing up old habits.

Social talents as the key to success

What are essentially these soft skills, and why are they so important for you and your staff? Social competence is the catch-phrase and describes the total package of your skills, which with the values of a group (or your team) can be openly discussed and, combined with the behaviour and strategy of the group, be a positive influence. Aside from clearly identifiable professional expertise, these aspects of social intelligence are hard to identify and evaluate. Our experienced behavioural coaches put these talents to the test, and illustrate possible improvement and strengths, which you should use yourself. In order to understand, appear empathetic, and therefore be able to work on the same level as others, illustrates the highest level of social competence.

better perception of quality, production, and the company

No one can expect responsibility for a scope of duties, or even running the company from their employees, with which they cannot identify themselves. Help your department leaders and staff together with our support. Those who firstly recognise and understand the mutual reliance, as well as the link of certain positions in a global connection, develop an awareness: Of their own relevance in the company; for their colleagues; the customers; and their own product. Those who are aware of their importance in an organisation, work with a greater motivation to the benefit of not only themselves, but for the entire team.

convince yourself of your character and thereby the product

Sell yourself better. Those who trust you also trust the services you provide and the effectiveness of your proposals. That is often easier said than done! Sales/Marketing is not magic and, together with our support, can be mastered. To this purpose, we illustrate basic and essential theoretical content, in combination with practical implementation. Whether it be personal talks or on the telephone, with the right approach, the right amount of self-confidence and know how, you can not only convince others, but yourself as well. You cannot impart or receive a better feeling than this.

leading and supporting a conversation

Whether in the role of a conversation or conflict moderator, it is your duty to support your counterpart taking part in this dialogue, to reasonably structure the discussion, and perhaps even calm the waves should an escalation arise. The task of a moderator is not only the entertaining presentation of a speech; rather the introduction of a theme, those involved, and the guidelines. Schubertpower ensures that you develop the abilities of bringing together important key elements and control of non-objective presentations. As well, the inclusion of the audience, meeting the demands of an analysis of the presentation process in sociogrammes, all belong to the expertise of a moderator.

structured and constructive conflict settlement

An unbiased leadership of a conflict situation is often difficult, or is outside of our imagination. We can show you how to mediate competently, and in a structured way (either alone or in co-operation) right from the start; bringing you further as a result of our training. You will take an intensely important part in a multi-party mediation process, whereby we still support you in the independent preparation, giving constructive suggestions for your own development of problem solving, which can be recalled at a later date.

how to solve problems correctly, and not just per chance

The team at Schubertpower leads you through a professional conflict situation, either with existing or general grounds of disagreement. We help you systematically through a dispute in order to reduce the ramifications of such a situation. 

The conflict manager is more an advisor, either alone or in a group, also as a bullying commissary and equal rights representative, or similar, when they are again in their company. The mediation and the moderation are also a part of conflict management, and are an integral part of our service portfolio. Please talk to us so that we may offer you the appropriate solution to your problem.