Schubert Power

Interim Management

Company development / Staff development

Often, the deficits in a company’s organisation, as well as the inability to handle all tasks, are not visible: The view of the essentials and therefore, the recognition of the causes of these deficits are also often overlooked. 

We put you in a position to recognise the source and deal with it. It is only by working together with you and your staff that we can bring this to a successful conclusion. 

Under our leadership, and with our active support, we develop the appropriate plan ‘from the staff for the staff’ for you. In the relevant areas we will supervise and direct the initiation process, and encourage motivational growth and the understanding of co-operative work. Your assistance is vital for the quality of the solution solving process, which is further ensured through our work. In the end, it is you and your staff who have to work on the foundation of the concept. This is more sustainable, when the process has been co-created by you, ensuring that we at Schubertpower can select the appropriate coach from our team, who is matched to both your company’s and your personal requirements.